First Steps: A Process of Mutual Learning and Discovery

As you become familiar with the Orthodox Union, its personnel and policies, you will appreciate why its endorsement is universally regarded as the premier kosher certification. The worldwide acceptability of OU certification is unrivalled and powers your brand with a competitive edge. Our commitment to new technologies ensures rapid and reliable response to your needs. And our rabbinic coordinators and field representatives are unmatched in the breadth their expertise.

From the very first contact, you will find the OU staff to be helpful and informative. You will soon come to realize that OU rabbis are not only experts in kosher law; they are also very familiar with modern food technology, and with intricacies of industrial food manufacturing equipment, from process engineering, to organic chemistry, to heat transfer and many other fields. You will be assigned an experienced representative who can talk the language of your plant managers, quality control personnel and food scientists.

The OU’s own food industry research staff constantly updates our information base with new information on product technology to keep us current. It is important to us that we understand fully all the processes you use. Continuing education and field training ensure that our staff stay on the cutting edge of the latest production trends and their applications in kosher law.

OU Kosher Staff