Endangered Species Chocolate: Tastes Good and Does Good at the Same Time

Endangered Species Chocolate was founded in 1993 in an effort to spread awareness and make a positive impact on the growing number of plant and animal species disappearing from the Earth. This company’s mission, to produce high-quality kosher chocolate made with the finest ethically traded, shade-grown cocoa and all-natural ingredients, fuels its philanthropic commitment to contribute ten percent of net profits to help support species, habitat and humanity.

Endangered Species Chocolate is the top-selling all-natural chocolate and boasts more than thirty product offerings from its all-natural and certified organic1 product lines.The company has just announced three new all-natural chocolate products, including a Gift Box Collection, Gourmet Baking Rounds and Random Weight Bars.

Endangered Species Chocolate products are certified OU kosher. Raw goods enter the Indianapolis, IN production facility with OU kosher certification, and each product is made under inspection of an OU rabbinic field representative.

Inside the walls of the Endangered Species Chocolate production facility, five-kilogram blocks of chocolate are heated and tempered in dedicated kettles for either dairy or non-dairy chocolate. Carrying systems, which are also dedicated for dairy or non-dairy chocolate in order to prevent product cross-contamination, move tempered chocolate to a depositor. Additional ingredients such as OU certified nuts or fruits might be incorporated with tempered chocolate before it enters the depositor to be placed into chocolate molds. Cooled chocolate is removed from these molds and wrapped in packaging materials also inspected by the RFR.

The Endangered Species Chocolate production facility features stainless steel work and assembly surfaces. All equipment is thoroughly sanitized daily.

Bruce Reinhardt, who oversees all aspects of Endangered Species Chocolate’s production, sought OU kosher certification for its reputation and impeccable standards, adding, “We wanted to go with the best.”

OU Kosher Staff