Tomintoul Single Malt Whisky from the Scottish Highlands Announces OU KOSHER Certification

From the highest of the Scottish Highlands now come varieties of single malt whisky manufactured by Tomintoul Distillery and newly certified by OU Kosher. Tomintoul, located in the community of the same name, the highest village in the Highlands, is owned by Angus Dundee, an independent company with over 50 years’ experience in producing, blending, bottling and distributing top-quality Scotch whiskies and other spirits.

These Tomintoul varieties, known in the industry as “the gentle dram,” include Tomintoul 10, 16 and 33 years old; they also include Peaty Tang, which is crafted using peated malted barley to impart a distinctive smoky and heathery flavor to the product.

Medek Wine & Spirits, a division of Royal Wine Corporation, is distributing this “Gold Medal” line of whisky that now is available to a wider audience worldwide thanks to its OU certification. “Given the growing popularity of Scotch whisky among kashrut observant Jews, Medek feels that providing the highly regarded OU kosher certification adds value to the Tomintoul offerings,” declared Gary Landsman, public relations spokesman for Royal Wine Corp.

Rabbi Eliyahu Safran, OU Kosher’s Vice President of Communications and Marketing, commented that the Orthodox Union is pleased to add Tomintoul to the growing number of highly regarded OU certified scotch liquor products, and is gratified that the-ever growing kosher market place will now also be able to enjoy this ‘Gold Medal’ line of whisky.”

Angus Dundee, the parent company of Tomintoul, has a broad range of stocks of Scotch whisky of all ages, up to 45 years of age, which are supplied either as bottled in Scotland or in bulk for bottling locally. These whiskies are exported to more than 70 countries around the world, producing solid business growth, year after year, over the last decade. A key to the company’s success is the special relationships it establishes with its customers, who are treated very much as partners. Angus Dundee tailors product specifications to meet customers’ requirements, providing a rapid response to customers’ demands and expectations anywhere in the world by supplying excellent products at competitive prices.

Tomintoul, with its OU certification, is a perfect example of this business plan.

OU Kosher Staff