Orthodox Union Approves Placement Of Kosher Symbol On Old World Kosher Sausage

Old World Kosher Sausage today announced that it has been certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, the world’s largest kosher certification agency. The new variety of kosher chicken sausage bearing the OU symbol will be distributed nationwide beginning in the next few weeks.

Ethan Feinberg, President of Old World Kosher Sausage, partnered with David Samuels, a manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of meat products who wanted to share his unique recipe with the kosher community. Old World Kosher Sausage is made from 100 percent OU kosher certified chicken thighs and comes in a variety of flavors which have never been tasted in the kosher food industry. “We are truly honored that David Samuels has chosen to share his secret recipes with us so that we can bring this unique product to the kosher consumer,” declared Mr. Feinberg.

The OU rigorously monitors all aspects of production. It supervises the process by which the food is prepared, examines the ingredients used to make the food, and regularly inspects the processing facilities to make sure that its standards are met.

“With flavors like Chicken Apple Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, and Sweet Italian Sausage, caterers and restauranteurs can’t seem to get enough of these delicacies. Recent focus group participants exclaimed that the truly exciting and distinctive taste profile delivered a unique culinary experience they had not tasted before,” Mr. Feinberg said.

“We are very pleased to have Old World Kosher Sausage introduce this unique item to the kosher industry. It was gratifying for the OU to guide Old World Kosher Sausage through the certification process and to bring these unique kosher sausages to the growing kosher market place,” said Phyllis Koegel, OU Kosher’s Marketing Director.

Old World Kosher Sausage is available in food service and retail packs. For more information contact Ethan Feinberg at .

OU Kosher Staff