The Brew on Kosher Kombucha Tea

OU Kosher Certification recently began to see a trend in brands interested in producing and certifying kosher kombucha tea.

Kombucha tea is made by fermenting kombucha and bacteria with black tea, sugar, and other natural ingredients. Because of the bacteria involved in the fermenting process of OU kosher kombucha, the OU does not advise that you brew your own, but rather buy it ready-made from a OU kosher certified and FDA-approved company.

Kombucha tea is not your typical brew.

The most distinguishing factor between regular tea and kombucha is the process of fermentation that kombucha must undergo. (This process is determined by heat, meaning that the hotter the temperature, the quicker the fermentation will take. “Quick” is relative; a fast summer brew can take 10-12 days for the taste to be palatable).  The probiotics that are a result of the fermentation act as healthy bacteria that line the digestive tract and support immunity as they absorb nutrients and fight infection. Talk about a winter elixir! Since 80% of a person’s immune system is in the gastric system, it’s no wonder that drinking kombucha is recommended for optimal health and immunity.1

Kosher Kombucha Tea

Okay so we know about boosting immune health during the winter season, but what about the summer months? Does kombucha do anything for my overall well-being?

Kombucha contains antioxidants that can help to detoxify the body, thus reducing inflammation, a root of disease.

 Doesn’t regular tea also contain antioxidants?
 Yes, but there are antioxidants present in kombucha, because of the fermentation, that are not found in regular tea.

Kombucha is high in B12: B12 is known to increase energy and to improve mental well-being.2

It’s no wonder kombucha was one of the biggest trends we saw at the Winter Fancy Food Show.


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OU Kosher Staff