Wise Foods Encourages Snackers To Snack Loud! Snack Proud!…And Snack Kosher!

At Wise® Foods, our goal is simple; to make real food for real people…great tasting snacks made from the finest ingredients and backed by exceptional customer service. From our familiar favorites to our newest varieties, we strive to be the snack our customers are proud to share with friends and family.

The Wise® story begins in 1921, when Mr. Earl Wise, Sr, then a young grocer, had too many potatoes. Being a frugal businessman, he decided to use the extra potatoes to make potato chips. He did all of the work by hand and sold the chips in brown paper bags from his store.

Earl’s chips enjoyed instant popularity and the company he founded, Wise® Foods, has grown into a leading regional salty snack manufacturer in the eastern United States. For the past 90 years, from small batches in his mother’s kitchen to a remodeled garage to the current state-of-the-art facility located in Berwick, PA, one thing has never changed: Earl Wise, Sr., and the company that bears his name, make terrific, all-natural chips!

It all began with a single variety of all natural potato chips, but over the years, Wise® has expanded its product offering along with its manufacturing capabilities. We are now proud to offer a wide variety of salty snacks under recognizable brands such as: Wise®, Ridgies®, New York Deli®, Cheez Doodles®, Dipsy Doodles®, and Bravos®!

Wise® Foods has long been a proponent of kosher snacks. Our customers expect high quality snacks and many of them are looking for the kosher certification for specific dietary, religious, or health reasons. To that end, Wise® has established a relationship with the leading organization for kosher certification, the Orthodox Union. Wise® has a strong partnership with our OU certification expert, Rabbi Aharon Brun-Kestler, and is extremely proud to offer a variety of OU (Dairy) and OU (Pareve) kosher certified snacks. The majority of Wise® process lines in Berwick, PA are kosher. Specifically, Wise® product lines which include kosher certified items include: Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips, Onion Rings, Corn Chips, Pretzels, and Salsa.

In the past year, the company has also invested in new equipment to further improve our production processes and to make the kosher certification process even easier. Investments were made in new stainless steel seasoning tubes and seasoning augers, and separate seasoning lines have been installed for kosher products within the Wise® plant facility.

There’s no doubt that kosher food practices help Wise® to make high quality products and the OU kosher certification keeps Wise® Foods competitive in our core marketplaces, where consumers and retailers alike desire a broad offering of delicious, quality kosher snacks!

Our newest product offerings – Wise® Baked Potato Crisps and Wise Bravos® Ranch and Sweet & Spicy Tortilla Chips – also carry kosher certifications. For more information about Wise® snacks, please visit us online at: http://www.wisesnacks.com, or contact us directly: Phone: 1-888-759-4401 Email: ; Mail: Wise Foods, Inc, 228 Raseley Street, Berwick, PA 18603-4533
Rabbi Aharon Brun-Kestler is Orthodox Union rabbinic coordinator for Wise Foods

OU Kosher Staff