Salmones Multiexport & Aquafarms International

Salmones Multiexport is a salmon farming company located in beautiful Puerto Montt, Chile, where the landscape consists of towering snow-capped volcanoes, beautiful crystal clear glacier-fed lakes, and impressive and expansive fjords. Not only is this location awe-inspiring in beauty, but it is also ideal for rearing salmon and steelhead. The Puerto Montt area has become the world’s mecca for farmed salmon. The ideal water conditions and currents provide the perfect environment to grow healthy and robust fish.

Production of farmed salmon, a relatively new industry, has been growing exponentially over the past two decades. The farming of salmon has enabled consumers to be able to enjoy this wonderful fish fresh, 52 weeks a year.

Salmones Multiexport was one of the first Chilean salmon companies to open a sales and marketing office in the United States; this marketing office is Aquafarms International. Aquafarms oversees the sales, marketing and logistics of fresh frozen and smoked salmon products in the United States. For many years Aquafarms simply sold fresh fillets and whole fish. In November, 2002 Salmones Multiexport opened its brand new stateof- the-art smoking facility, perhaps the largest and most modern salmon smoking facility in the world. Aquafarms carefully researched the U.S. market and developed smoked salmon packaging and flavor profiles that would appeal to the American consumer.

During focus groups and other research conducted by Aquafarms, it became clear that the American consumer closely associated quality and product safety with the OU kosher symbol. It was also interesting to see how private label customers were pleased and impressed that all products could bear the OU Kosher symbol on their packages.At Aquafarms and Salmones Multiexport, we are extremely proud to have our products certified by the OU. It is a definite and distinct advantage over products that are not OU certified.We take great pride in ensuring that our products maintain the highest quality and food safety standards and the OU symbol further supports this claim.

OU Kosher Staff