Ode on a Grecian Yogurt: The Greek gods Yogurt is Thick, Creamy and OU Certified

“The Greek Gods Yogurt draws a great sense of pride from its Orthodox Union kosher product certification,” said The Greek Gods’ Managing Partner Basel Nassar. “Not only does the famous OU symbol take the guesswork out of the well-known yogurt’s ingredients and manufacturing processes, it also signifies a higher level of dedication to its customers’ rigorous dietary standards.”

With so many yogurts on the market from drinkable ones, to soy-based, to fruit-from-the-bottom types, the list is overwhelming. Many have good-for-you cultures, all-natural ingredients, but none are like The Greek Gods Yogurt. Not only does it proudly bear the OU symbol, but this thick, creamy, traditional product has a huge customer following that habitually carves a hole out of the refrigerated dairy shelves at the market.

The centuries-old product originates in Greece, and its popularity has soared in recent years throughout North America. Six years ago, three longtime friends — Basel Nassar, Sotirios Tselios and Stephanos Margaritis — brought together their professional backgrounds in food and manufacturing to launch a line of authentic Greek-style foods. The criteria: the products had to best reflect their Greek heritage, spirituality, family values and culinary traditions. Sotirios and Stephanos spent their childhoods in Greece; Basel is half Greek. Success followed!

At the time there was plenty of yogurt on the market, but not a quality Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a much creamier, higher protein food rich in milk fat than those seen in mainstream America. Greek yogurt has at-home applications in sweet and savory dishes, and it’s become a stand-alone, mealtime favorite for many Greek Gods fans.

The Greek Gods Yogurt contains only quality ingredients and probiotics for healthful living, including rBST/rBGH-free milk, natural juices, and an extraordinary thick and creamy consistency.

Following milk pasteurization, five live, active cultures including probiotics are added to the formula; a special incubation process and constant monitoring of the pH level allow them to grow at just the right temperature, which also bolsters the yogurt’s thickness. The creamy taste and unique flavors come from using a higher milk fat that gives it a much smoother body.

The Greek Gods Yogurt is always gluten-free, so the product is safe for those with gluten sensitivities. Representatives of the Orthodox Union have rigorously inspected our products and processes for added assurance to customers worldwide.

Find The Greek Gods’ newest variety, Honey-Strawberry, nationwide in a 24-ounce size, alongside the Honey, Pomegranate, Fig, Vanilla, and whole fat and nonfat Plain flavors. Other popular products include Pagoto Ice Krema, which is made with mastic resin in the Greek tradition; and Lebni—a kefir cheese that can be thought of as Greek sour cream. Learn more about The Greek Gods on its web site, Twitter page, and Facebook fan page.

OU Kosher Staff