American Casein Company

American Casein Company, AMCOAMERICAN CASEIN COMPANY (AMCO), based in Burlington, New Jersey, is a privately owned corporation with more than 45 years experience importing casein into the United States and manufacturing functional dairy protein ingredients for the food and beverage industry.

Richard L. Shipley, a University of Michigan alumnus with a Masters Degree in chemistry, founded American Casein Company. As a young chemist, Shipley joined the nation’s War Production Board in Washington during World War II, where his job was to procure and allocate casein and other materials to manufacturers. At the time, casein was used in many industrial applications such as paper coating, textiles, leather finishing, casein plastics and adhesives, but it was not used in edible application. Shipley continued to learn all he could about casein. After working a dozen or so years for a casein company based in Chicago, Shipley launched his own business in Camden, New Jersey and used his background and creativity to become one of first two manufacturers in the U.S. to process casein for edible application.

Under the current leadership of Shipley’s grandson, Mr. Adam Cabot, American Casein Company remained in New Jersey, but continued to expand, moving its location to Riverside, Pennsauken, and ultimately to its present site in Burlington. This location is now headquarters for its spray drying division, American Custom Drying Company, which produces spray-dried caseinates for the food industry. Another facility was added at Delmar, Maryland to blend powder food ingredients.

The fact that casein is scarcely manufactured in North America is generally unknown. Since 1956, AMCO has imported casein from its approved suppliers worldwide. Another uncommon fact for the layman: casein is manufactured from cow’s milk. AMCO’s expertise with casein and dairy proteins starts with its cumulative knowledge, experience, and know-how with the cow, the cow’s milk, the dairy farmer, and the casein manufacturing process.

For inquiries, AMCO’s sales department can be reached at 609.387.3130, and at

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