OU & Food Institute to Present Trade Seminar, 3/19

OU and Food Institute to Present ‘Identifying Opportunities in the U.S. Food Market:
A Seminar for Trade Consulates,’ on March 19 in New York
With its experience of providing kosher certification to hundreds of thousands of products manufactured in 80 countries worldwide, the Orthodox Union Kosher Division is truly an international organization with the globe as its home base.

Not surprisingly, therefore, OU Kosher will join forces with the Food Institute in Identifying Opportunities in the U.S. Food Market: A Seminar for Trade Consulates, to be presented Wednesday, March 19 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at OU headquarters in New York City.

The seminar is designed to pinpoint opportunities for exporting food into the United States as well as to provide an overview of the U.S. food market for economic and trade specialists in consulates in New York and Washington.

The suggested audience includes trade commissioners, trade promotion officers, consuls for economic and commercial affairs, food and beverage manufacturers, importers, brokers, marketers, consultants to the industry, and the trade press.

Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator and Vice President of Communications and Marketing for OU Kosher, who has traveled to many countries around the world, will represent the OU, speaking on “Kosher certification and labeling.”

The seminar will also feature Brian Todd, President of The Food Institute, who will discuss government legislation for import/export to the United States; Menachem Lubinsky, President of Lubicom Marketing Consulting, speaking on the marketing and distribution of kosher products to the U.S.; and John Roberts, President, Blackpoint Consulting, with an analysis of marketing and distribution to the specialty food industry in the United States.

The OU’s role will be to present the benefits and advantages of OU Kosher certification in the international food market, specifically in the United States. Rabbi Safran will discuss:

  • What is kosher?
  • How does kosher certification work?
  • What makes one item kosher and another not?
  • Why OU Kosher?

Rabbi Safran will explain how the OU symbol will increase a product’s sales through a variety of factors. They include the OU’s stature as the “gold standard” of kosher certification; its entrée to the widest choice of vendors; its high level of consumer acceptance; its ability to make consumers consistently look for brands carrying the OU symbol; and its fast-tracking of referred applications for certification.

“As OU certification is sought by companies throughout the world, including the Far East, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we are pleased to share our knowledge and expertise with consular and foreign trade representatives about the ever-growing kosher marketplace and the OU’s pivotal role in entering that market,” Rabbi Safran declared.

To register, contact Sue Antista at 201-791-5570 ext. 212. The registration fee is $149 per person

OU Kosher Staff