Kosher Maintenance Wash

Kosher Maintenance Wash

OU certified kosher maintenance wash facilities provide their customers with the highest quality washes to meet their needs. Two types of kosher washes service are provided by a certified wash facility:

1) Kosher Maintenance Wash
2) Kosher Upgrade, or ‘Kosherization’ Wash

Every OU certified wash facility is authorized to perform kosher maintenance washes. Upgrade washes can only be performed at those facilities whose certificate clearly specifies they are authorized to do so.

The following is a brief description of the Kosher Maintenance Wash and its intended purpose:

Many uncertified wash stations recycle water from the fresh water final wash of one trailer to the pre-wash of a subsequent trailer. Recycling of fresh water is a potential concern for the kosher status of a certified trailer.

A kosher maintenance wash is performed at a facility certified that it does not recycle water from trailer to trailer or recirculate fresh water through a heat exchanger within a cycle (in other words, it operates a one-pass system). A kosher maintenance wash does not require that the wash be of any specific duration nor must it reach a specific temperature. The objective is simply to avoid recycled water and maintain certified status. A kosher maintenance wash is only good for certified kosher trailers. A maintenance wash will not suffice to convert a non-kosher trailer into a kosher trailer. For such trailers, an upgrade wash must be performed.

See also Kosher Upgrade Wash or ‘Kosherization’ Wash

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