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FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is a Shabbos Keeper?
It is the first Automated Shabbos Mode device made by the same engineers who designed the refrigerator. This allows for complete control over the refrigeration systems.
What does the Shabbos Keeper do?

The Shabbos Keeper takes full control of every electronic system in the refrigerator so that there is absolutely no chilul Shabbos caused.

How much involvement did the Rabbonim have in this creation.

Lots. Each and every step in the design and manufacturing process was first approved by Rabbonim who have been involved with Halacha and Technology for many years.

Is the Shabbos Keeper Kosher Certified?

Yes.The Shabbos Keeper enjoys strong endorsement,support and recommendation from the OU, Hisachdus Harabbanim (CRC) and Halacha Tech USA

Were Rabbonim involved in creating the Shabbos Keeper?


Does Zman Technologies manufacture the Shabbos Keeper?

No. the Shabbos Keeper is manufactured by GE Appliances.

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