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Rock Candy Skewers
This recipe is kosher for Passover.
Rock Candy Skewers Eileen Goltz | Pareve
9 to 12 days 15 minutes
4 to 6 rock candy skewers

  • 5 cups cold water
  • 5 cups white sugar
  • 4 to 6 bamboo skewers
  • A LARGE clean glass (a mayonnaise jar is great)
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Peppermint or lemon or lime or cherry flavoring/oil (optional)

  1. Pour the water into a large bowl and slowly add the sugar, stirring constantly until all the sugar is completely dissolved. Add the flavoring and or coloring if using and mix to combine.
  2. Pour sugar water into clean jar and place the bamboo skewers in the jar, making sure they don’t touch and having the top sticks out over the top of the jar.
  3. Cover gently with a foil, poking the bamboo skewers through the top but don’t crimp the foil to the top of the jar, it needs to be open so the water can evaporate.

If you want bigger crystals wet your skewer and roll them in sugar before you put it in the sugar/water solution. DO NOT MOVE THE JAR AFTER YOU’VE SET IT UP so the crystals don’t break up. This evaporation process with take 9 to 12 days depending on the humidity so be patient. This is great for little kids to make and have them watch the candy grow.