Daf ha-kashrus

Av 5771 – Tishrei 5772/ Aug – Oct 2011

Vol. 19 / No. 10

• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Chazara On Shabbos By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Holy Fries By Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
• Daf Notes…
• Rutgers Offers Unique New Course on the Role of Kosher Food in the Global Food Industry
• Kashrus Alert…
• Kashrus Advisory…
• Mazel Tov…
• Condolences…
• Second OU Harry H. Beren Advanced Kashrut Seminar for Women Explores the Intricacies of Kosher Law
• OU Pas Yisroel Products (As of Elul 5771) Compiled by Rabbi Eli Eleff
• Other Ask OU Programs
• Boachem L’shalom
• Tzeischem L’shalom…

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