Nissan 5771/ April 2011

Vol. 10 / No. 6

• Selected Glossary of Ingredients for Pesach By Rabbi Gavriel Price
• Mirrer Rosh Hayeshiva Harav Noson Tzvi Finkel Addresses OU Kashrus Staff
• Starch Derivatives Used In Food Ingredients By Rabbi Gavriel Price
• Chametz: Heteira Bola or Issura Bola By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• The Question of Quinoa By Rabbi Avi Juravel*
• Sephardic Jewish Community – Congregation Shaare Zion, Brooklyn, NY
• AJ Madison Visits OU
• Kashrus Alert…
• Please Note…
• Kashrus Advisory..
• Mazel Tov…
• Condolences…

* Update (Pesach 2014): For the OU’s updated policy on Quinoa see here.

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Shevat 5771/ January 2011

Vol. 19 / No. 4

• Safety Concepts For Mashgichim By Rabbi Aron Mendelson
• Let’s All Daven to Hashem. Really. By Rabbi Yosef Grossman
• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Grape Juice Concentrate By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Update To The OUD Cholov Yisroel List – Originally published In Daf Hakashrus Vol. 19, No. 3
• Update On Chalav Stam By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
• Condolences…
• Kiryas Joel Delegation Visits OU Kashrus
• Kashrus Alert…
• Mazel Tov…

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Iyar 5771/ May 2011

Vol. 19 / No. 7

• Pesach Status of Enriched White Rice By Rabbi Gavriel Price
• ASK OU Promotes Kashrus Awareness and Achdus – Four Communities Visited in a Span of Twelve Days
• Publications – OU Kosher Publishes Manual on Fish Industry
• Kuntros On Anisakis…
• Mazel Tov…
• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Kashering With Sha’ar Mashkim By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Kashrus Alert…
• Condolences…

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Sivan 5771/ June 2011

Vol. 19 / No. 8

• Beware of The Perfect Schedule ‘A’ – It May Be Imperfect! By Rabbi Yisroel Bendelstein
• Worms in Sardines
• ASK OU Kosher Comes to Town – A Night to Remember in Elizabeth
• OU Kosher Visits Paris Consistoire Translated from the original in the French Press
• Second “Advanced Kashrut Seminar for Women” – Coming August 29-September 2 at OU Headquarters
• New OU Kosher Program Presents Yoreh Deah Mini-Shiurim with Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Kashrus Alert…
• Mazel Tov…
• Tzeischem L’shalom…
• U’boachem L’shalom…

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Tamuz 5771/ July 2011

Vol. 19 / No. 9

• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Medicine Guidelines By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• It’s Not Just Milk At The Milk Street Café – New Kosher Restaurant Opens on Wall St. with Meat, Dairy, and Pareve Menus
• ASK OU – VISIT OU Program Welcomes a Variety of Schools
• Updated Aged Cheese list By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
• OU: Pedialyte Has “D” Certification, but it’s Parve By Hamodia Staff
• Kashrus Alert…
• Kashrus Advisory…
• Tzeischem L’shalom…
• Mazel Tov…
• Condolences…

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Av 5771 – Tishrei 5772/ Aug – Oct 2011

Vol. 19 / No. 10

• Lo Basi Ella L’orer – Chazara On Shabbos By Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Holy Fries By Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
• Daf Notes…
• Rutgers Offers Unique New Course on the Role of Kosher Food in the Global Food Industry
• Kashrus Alert…
• Kashrus Advisory…
• Mazel Tov…
• Condolences…
• Second OU Harry H. Beren Advanced Kashrut Seminar for Women Explores the Intricacies of Kosher Law
• OU Pas Yisroel Products (As of Elul 5771) Compiled by Rabbi Eli Eleff
• Other Ask OU Programs
• Boachem L’shalom
• Tzeischem L’shalom…

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Cheshvan 5772/November 2011

Vol. 20 / No. 1

• The Mysterious Wait An Analysis of Various Minhagim Concerning Waiting Between Meat and Dairy By Rabbi Yosef Grossman
• RFR Reporting By Rabbi Avrohom gordimer
• AKO Conference at OU Headquarters
• Kashrus Alert…
• Mazel Tov…
• Condolences…

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Kislev 5772/December 2011

Vol. 20 / No. 2

• WORKING FOR THE RIBBONO SHEL OLAM: A TIMELY MESSAGE FROM THE MASHGIACH – Excerpts from a recent address by Rav Moshe Wolfson Shlita, Mashgiach Ruchani of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas to AKO at OU World Headquarters
• Lo Basi Ela L’Orer – Butter by Rabbi Eli Gersten
• Daf Notes…
• Kashrus Alert…
• Mazel Tov…
• Condolences…

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Fall 2011

• My Odyssey Through Greece
• Newly Certified – Vplensish – Taste Free Vitamin Powder
• Newly Certified – Sweet Breath
• Get a Job ! Or, Let the OU Job Board Help You Find One
• OU Kosher Marketing Tips
• Meet the Men in the Office – The Life of an OU Kosher RC
• Tulkoff Foods – Humble roots to National Producer
• Understanding the Upgraded OU Direct
• The Elusive Search for Salt Alternatives
• The Cold Hard Facts – How to Avoid Kosherization of Tanks


Winter 2011

• Editor’s Letter – Pareve – Neutral in Content, But not on The Bottom Line
• Newly Certified! Italian Volcano® Juices – From the Mount Etna Volcano to the Supermarket Shelf
• Newly Certified! Filling a void in a deep Gorge – Gorge Estate Vineyards of Washington State Enables Royal Wine to Enter New Territory for Premium Kosher Wines
• The OU: Mastering the Challenges of Producing Kosher Wine
• Health-conscious turn to Kosher- R. Jelínek launches new brandy with eye on tapping market at
home and abroad
By Cat Contiguglia – The Prague Post
• Encyclopedia of Jewish Food – Matzoh, Rugelach and a whole lot more
• From the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food – A Purim Recipe for a Food You’ve Never Heard Of
• Your RFR – Your OU Kosher Customer Service Agent
• It’s More Than Curds & Whey
• Ask the Rabbi
• Pickle-icious – BTUS’s Favorite Chef Tells You Everything You Wanted to Know About Pickles,
Including Some Great Recipes
• In India, Gherkin Manufacturers Are Not in a Pickle When Rabbi Tirnauer Is Around
• Reitzel International Spans the Globe With Gherkins
• UNITED – The Pickle that Made New York Great
• AT KAISER PICKLES The OU Symbol Signifies a Quality Product and Expanded Marketing
• Marcatus QED and the OU – Sharing a Worldwide Emphasis on Quality Control
• It’s a Long Way to Study Kosher Certification – ASKOU10
• Understanding OU Direct
• From the Plate of Caesar – The Kosher Status of the Flamingo
• Dream Team – Company Kosher Contacts Are an Important Component on the OU Team
• Québec – Tales from the Far North
• Thou Shalt Not Commit Adulteration – Guarding Against the Dilution of Juice

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Spring 2011

• Editor’s Letter – You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Buy Kosher Products
• OU Direct – Everything You Wanted to Know About OU Direct and Never in Your Wildest Dreams Thought to Ask
• Newly Certified – Crystal Head Vodka Awarded OU Kosher Certification
• Newly Certified – Using Recipes from South Africa Joburg Brings Kosher Delicacies to American Tables
• Newly Certified – Honibe TM – Pure Honey Joy Now Kosher Certified through the Orthodox Union
• The Scent of India – India’s Food Industry- on the rise with OU Kosher
• FDA Guildlines on Carmine Bring a Boon to the Kosher Consumer
• Snacking Kosher – It’s Harder Than You Thought
• Chips Off the Old Block – In its 90th Year, Utz Quality Foods Follows Traditions of its Founders
• Have You Herrd? Herr Snack Foods Have Been OU Kosher For 30 Years
• Wise Foods …Snack Kosher – Encourages Snackers to Snack Loud!
• Better Made Snack Foods – Celebrates 80 Years
• Internet Presence: It’s All About Our Technology
• South America’s Hottest Country is Chile
• Ask the Rabbi – Why there is a need for a plant that processes and cans fruits and vegetables to receive OU Certification
• From the Heart of Chilean Wine – Growing Country, Comes Luis Felipe Edwards Wines
• Passover Primer
• Panic-Free Passover
• Kosher Around the Globe
• How the Chicken Went from the Jungle to Your Plate
• Kosherizing an Agglomerator: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. They Were Wrong
• Through the Bluegrass and on the Highways
• An RFR’s Kentucky (and Indiana) Derby

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