About ASK OU

As the leader in worldwide kosher certification, the Orthodox Union takes additional steps to serve as a leader in educating the public in matters of kosher law. Over the past several years, OU Kosher, in partnership with the Harry H. Beren Foundation of New Jersey, has developed numerous kashrus educational programs for the benefit of […]

The Explosion of Hot Cocoa Bombs

Making kosher hot cocoa bombs has never been easier. Hot cocoa bombs, or hot chocolate cocoa bombs have become a social media tour de force. On TikTok, the hashtag #hotchocolatebombs has been used more than 181 million times and on Instagram the hashtag #hotchocolatebombs has over 167,000 posts. What is the cause of such hysteria? […]

Living In A Sustainable World

Food sustainability speaks to the notion that by year 2050 there will be 9.7 billion people in the world who need to be fed and asks how will the mechanics in place needed to produce this food not hurt the environment. It’s also concerned with not depleting earth’s water supply. One example of a company […]

Explore the Opportunity to Import Kosher Certified Products to Israel

In the Bible, Israel is famously called the land of milk and honey. Yet, when it comes to delicious, quality food in Israel, it is about much more than just milk and honey. In today’s global market, tens of thousands of products are being imported into Israel with the world’s most widely recognized kosher certification – the OU Kosher symbol.   Israel is the prime opportunity for importing Kosher certified products for three key reasons:  Israel is the largest […]

OU Kosher Condemns European Court of Justice Ruling on Shechita

NEW YORK – OU Kosher, the world’s largest kosher food certification agency, today condemned the European Court of Justice’s affirmation of a Belgian law requiring stunning an animal prior to its slaughter which effectively serves as a ban on ritual animal slaughter for kosher and halal food. “The decision of the Court is an affront […]

Enjoy Your Kosher Breakfast With These New Products  

OU kosher certified companies have released a slew of new breakfast-type products. These products cover a wide gamut in terms of taste and choice. For instance, General Mills has unveiled a new keto-friendly cereal, Nestle and Aldi have come out with new creative tastes for their coffee creamers, Skinny Mix introduced sugar free coffee syrups, […]

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