OU Presents: Outer Space Kosher Video

Outer Space Kosher DVD Cover

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Two kids set out to create a kosher product – a meteor bite.  When their idea is stolen by an unscrupulous marketing executive, they go into action. This Kosher adventure is for the whole family.
Read full synopsisIn addition to the feature film above, we’ve also included a bonus movie below, in which David and Ezra explain all the things the kosher consumers should look out for when it comes to the products on the their local supermarket’s shelves.  It’s sure to be an eye-opening experience.

Yisroel Mindell
Yaakov Fuchs
Andrew Dars
Executive Producer  Yaakov Luban
Director of Photography  Moshe Magder

Joe Johnson

Written by
Gary Magder
Rick Magder

Produced & Directed by
Rick Magder

For any questions, please contact Rabbi Yaakov Luban at 212-613-8214 or lubany@ou.org


School’s out and Ezra and and his best friend David are home for the summer.   Their parents insist that they find jobs to keep themselves occupied.  David would prefer to stay home and study algebra, and Ezra is more interested in his two favorite pastimes – eating chocolate and having fun.  Then, one day, Ezra and David discover that a nearby chocolate factory is hiring.  That’s when the fun begins!

Join Ezra and David on this supercharged, exciting adventure, as they learn the hard way what working for a large company can be like.  Through all their trials and tribulations, they manage to take their love for chocolate to a whole new level – a cosmic level!  Corporate America has a lot to learn from these young boys.  You’ll learn a lot too, about how complicated it can be to make a product kosher and what it means to not compromise quality, stay true to your values and still create a product that everyone loves…. A product that’s out of this world!

FOR EDUCATORS:  We have created an informative teacher study-guide which expands on many of the points contained in the two movies.  Along with the films, this is a ready-made kosher education program that any school or yeshiva can use with a variety of age groups.