About ASK OU

As the leader in worldwide kosher certification, the Orthodox Union takes additional steps to serve as a leader in educating the public in matters of kosher law. Over the past several years, OU Kosher, in partnership with the Harry H. Beren Foundation of New Jersey, has developed numerous kashrus educational programs for the benefit of […]

From Kosher.com: Stuffed Grape Leaves with a Surprising Twist

Kosher.com presents a surprising twist on Syrian Yebra – Stuffed Grape leaves. While these delightful bites are usually stuffed with a meat filling, these have a sweet, and healthy alternative inside!

From Kosher.com: The Secret to Perfectly Moist Fish

Enjoy perfectly moist fish with this life hack from Kosher.com. Whether fish is an appetizer, a side, or your dinner, you will be wowed after using these techniques!

From Kosher.com: Full n’ Free Banana Nut Butter Muffins

These full ‘n free banana nut butter muffins have no added sugar or flour but don’t taste like they’re missing anything! Top them with chocolate, nuts, fruit, or all of the above!

New to the OU: Drake’s Organic Spirits Goes OU Kosher

Launched in 2017, Drake’s is already redefining quality standards in the organic spirits industry. And has the medals to prove it. Drake’s Organic White Rum recently took the Gold Medal in the Rum category and Silver in the Vodka category at the Asia International Spirits Competition held in Hong Kong. Previously, Drake’s Organic White Rum […]

New to the OU: The House of Angostura Unbeatable Bitters, Rums and More

Getting to know the House of Angostura’s consummate libations, requires a bit of time travel. So, buckle your seatbelt; your in for a delicious, uplifting discovery. It all began almost 200 years ago, in 1824, in the Venezuelan town of Angostura. There, in the midst of a raging battle, Dr. Johann Siegert, Surgeon General of […]

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