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The Following OU Kosher Advisories and Alerts were released by the Orthodox Union's Kosher Division on the date indicated.

Please remember to always check the label before purchasing any item that needs kosher certification!

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Consumer Alerts

October 12, 2011

Kashruth Advisory: Bean & Body – Canned Coffee Drinks

Brands: Bean & Body
Products: Canned Coffee Drinks

Some of the cans are labeled with a regular OU, instead of an OU-D. The products are clearly dairy as listed on the ingredient panel. Corrective action is being taken.

September 27, 2011

Bready – Go Bananas mix bag, Cherish My Chocolate mix bag

Brands: Bready
Products: Go Bananas mix bag Cherish My Chocolate mix bag
Company: Bready North America - Columbia, MO

Missing “D” dairy designation

These products contain dairy ingredients, as indicated in the ingredient panel, but are mistakenly labeled with a plain OU. Corrective measures are being implemented.

September 21, 2011

Tree Top – 100% Juice – Berry

Brands: Tree Top
Products: 100% Juice - Berry
Company: Tree Top - Selah, WA

Unauthorized OU

Tree Top 100% Juice – Berry bears an unauthorized OU symbol. This product contains a non-kosher component. However, this part is batul. Corrective measures are being implemented.

September 16, 2011

The Pizza Gourmet – Wood Grilled Pizza Crust

Brands: The Pizza Gourmet
Products: Wood Grilled Pizza Crust
Company: The Pizza Gourmet - Providence, RI

Unauthorized OU

Wood Grilled Pizza Crust from The Pizza Gourmet bears an unauthorized OU. The company has removed the OU from the packaging, but some products with the unauthorized OU may still be in some stores.

September 7, 2011

Earth’s Best – Vegetable Turkey, Sweet Potato Chicken

Brands: Earth’s Best
Products: Vegetable Turkey Sweet Potato Chicken
Company: The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.


Some Earth’s Best Vegetable Turkey and Sweet Potato Chicken jars of baby food bear an unauthorized OU and are not kosher. This mislabeling pertains only to products with Spanish labels, sold in Colombia, South America. The company is withdrawing this product from the marketplace.

August 19, 2011

Kashruth Advisory: Giant, Stop & Shop – Fruit on Bottom Yogurts

Brands: Giant, Stop & Shop
Products: Fruit on Bottom Yogurts
Company: Ahold

Please be advised that due to reformulation Ahold Fruit on the Bottom Yogurts under the Giant and Stop & Shop Brand are no longer kosher certified by the OU. They now contain non kosher gelatin. Products still bearing the OU are certified.

August 12, 2011

Manischewitz – Cheese Blintzes

Brands: Manischewitz
Products: Cheese Blintzes
Company: The Manischewitz Company - Newark, NJ


Some boxes of Manischewitz Cheese Blintzes mistakenly display the word ‘pareve’.  This product is certified by the Orthodox Union and is dairy.  Corrective measures are being implemented.

August 8, 2011

Kashruth Advisory: Kirkland, Rite Aid – Ultra Lactase Caplets (all varieties)

Brands: Kirkland, Rite Aid
Products: Ultra Lactase Caplets (all varieties)

Please note that the Lactase Caplets made for these chains are no longer certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

August 5, 2011

Planters – Caramel Maple Sweet Roast Pecans

Brands: Planters
Products: Caramel Maple Sweet Roast Pecans
Company: Kraft North America

Missing “D” – Designation
Some cans of Caramel Maple Sweet Roast Pecans display an OU, without the D. This product is certified by the Orthodox Union as Dairy and should be labeled OU D. Corrective action is being implemented

August 5, 2011

Incredibly Great – Fudge Marshmallow Cookies

Brands: Incredibly Great
Products: Fudge Marshmallow Cookies
Company: Waldo’s - Tijuana, Mexico

These cookies not certified by the Orthodox Union and bear an unauthorized OU. They are mostly sold in Waldo’s stores in Mexico and are being withdrawn from the marketplace.

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