Emulsifiers & Stabilizers

Euro-Yser Produtos Quimicos S.A.

Euro-Yser is recognized as a Global Player specialist in the manufacturing of Gum Rosin Derivatives, producing for several industries and applications such as Adhesives, Chewing Gum, Depilatory Waxes, Road Marking, Printing Inks, Varnishes, Rubber, etc.

Water Born Dispersions are another strategic range of product developed by Euro-Yser, having a wide range of solutions in this area […]


BASF Health & Nutrition is a global supplier of nutritional ingredients used in the manufacture of food and dietary supplements. Our vitamins, carotenoids, Omega-3 fatty acids and plant sterols help people maintain their health by providing nutrients that may be deficient in their daily diet. We offer certified Kosher products in each of the product […]

ABCO Laboratories Inc.

Since 1964, ABCO has partnered with its customers to develop and manufacture custom products for the food and nutritional product industries. Whether you need a seasoning or flavor blend for a food product or are looking for a company to manufacture nutritional supplements for a private label, we can partner with you to bring your […]


Norevo is both a supplier of natural raw materials and a producer of process-optimized ingredients with applications in food, beverages, flavours, bakery, confectionery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, petfood and technical products. Norevo’s business basis is provided by nature iftself in form of natural raw materials and ecological resources. Norevo’s dedication is to develop and produce customized ingredients […]

Alfred L. Wolff GmbH

Alfred L. Wolff (Head Office in Hamburg, Germany) supplies natural raw materials and functional brand ingredients to the worldwide food industry. OU-certified products: Gum Arabic/Acacia Gum, Quick Gum™ – purified Acacia Gum powder and solution, Xanthan and Locust Bean Gum, Quick Coat™ and Quick Coat™Sugarfree (precoating agent on sugar and polyol basis), Quick Glanz™, Quick […]

Caravan Ingredients Inc.

At Caravan Ingredients, we are committed to innovation and service. For more than a century, we have consistently offered the baking and food industry: fresh thinking, innovative products, and unparalleled support. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality industrial and specialty baking ingredients; grain processing, enrichment, and fortification ingredients; as well […]

PT Ecogreen Oleochemicals

We operate the first Natural Fatty Alcohol plant in Indonesia since 1989. Our products range from Fatty Acid, Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Alcohol, Glycerin and Alcohol Ethoxylate. We are your reliable supplier for your needs of Natural Oleochemical Products. For more details, please visit us at http://www.ecogreenoleo.com or http://www.dhw-ecogreenoleo.de .

MPT Delivery Systems, Inc.

MPT Delivery Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in fluid-bed, high-shear granulation and continuous processing technologies. For over 25 years, we have been providing specialty granulation bulk ingredients to the food and nutritional industries. Our mission is to develop a customized approach with each of our customers, creating the quality, value-added bulk ingredients that lead […]


Yixing-union Biochemical Co.,Ltd manufactures Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate and high Protein feed from corn. The company’s annual production capacity consists of 30,000 tons of anhydrous citric acid, 30,000 tons of monohydrate citric acid, 10,000 tons of sodium citrate and 20,000 tons of High protein feed. The company has the following certifications: HACCP, OU Kosher, Halal […]


PALSGAARD is globally acknowledged as a major manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive, versatile, specialty range of emulsifiers/stabilizers concentrates, premixes, compounds, integrated and extruded products for application within the bakery, dairy, ice cream, margarine, chocolate and fine food fields. Please consult http://www.palsgaard.com