Alfred L. Wolff GmbH

ALFRED L. WOLFF (Head Office in Hamburg, Germany) supplies natural raw materials and functional brand ingredients to the worldwide food industry. OU-certified products: Gum Arabic/Acacia Gum, Quick Gum™ – purified Acacia Gum powder and solution, Xanthan and Locust Bean Gum,
Quick Coat™ and Quick Coat™Sugarfree (precoating agent on sugar and polyol basis),
Quick Glanz™, Quick Shine™, Quick Oil™, Quick Lac™, Quick Chew™ (confectionery glazing, sealing, antisticking agents and gelatine-free texturant for chewy candies).
For a contact with our US office please contact ALFRED L. WOLFF’s Head Office:
E-mail: or -Tel.+49 40 37676-124