From Kosher.com: Eating Meat after Dairy

From Kosher.com: Our own Rabbi Elefant discusses the laws of eating dairy after meat.

From Kosher.com: Why Does Cheese Require Kosher Certification?

From Kosher.com: The OU’s own Rabbi Moshe Elefant explores the issues that arise with cheese and Kosher certification.

From Kosher.com: Fudgy Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Cookie Dough + Cheesecake…Is your mouth watering yet? From Kosher.com enjoy this video instructions on how to make this incredible cheesecake, just in time for Shavuos!

From Kosher.com: Dairy Vs. Dairy Equipment

Join the OU’s own Rabbi Elefant and Kosher.com as Rabbi Elefant tackles the issues related to dairy vs. dairy equipment.

Spread the Word! Not All Butters are Created Equal – or Kosher

“Do you have any kosher butter?” “What do you mean? Butter is always kosher!” Not necessarily. Butter is often kosher, but to use the word “always” is to deny the important concerns and considerations that must be taken into account when certifying butter facilities. The distinctions that come into play with cream sources, as well […]

Are All Fromages Created Equal? Waiting Between Cheese and Meat

“You mean that I have to wait SIX HOURS after I eat cheese before I can eat meat??” Well, often yes. The Remo (Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 89:2) states that the minhag is to wait after eating hard cheese before partaking of meat, just as one waits after meat before dairy; this minhag has become accepted practice for Ashkenazim. (See Chochmas Adam 40:13.)

Icelandic Provisions

We are an authentic Icelandic Skyr Company producing a range of 7 delicious nordic inspired. We use authentic Heirloom Skyr Cultures that have been treasured and preserved in Iceland for hundreds of years. That’s where our distinct flavor comes from. Our skyr has 33% less sugar and 20% more protein than the leading Greek yogurt.


VIKEDA Ltd. is one of the most modern and yet experienced ice cream production companies in Lithuania, with the experience of more than 20 years. The company presented and fastly developed a Number 1 brand in Lithuania called DADU. Until now DADU ice cream is being sold in Lithuania as well as in Baltic States. […]


BANANA WAVE bananamilk contains three of nature’s “superfoods” – fruit, grains and seeds – making it a nutritious option for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle, active kids, athletes, and of course, banana lovers. Ideal option for vegans, vegetarians, those managing a dairy or nut allergy or for anyone looking for a nutritious alternative milk beverage. […]