New Mintel Survey Reveals: 21% of Americans Eat Kosher

(CHICAGO) Americans of all backgrounds are buying kosher products with the full knowledge that they are buying kosher, is a conclusion of a new study by the Mintel Organization, a global supplier of consumer, media and market research. The report, which is due to be released later next month, will be the second study of the major research organization in the last two years. Based on a survey of 2,042 carefully chosen subjects, the Mintel study sheds new light on the strength of the ever-growing kosher industry. 15% of the surveyed said they buy kosher “all the time” while 58% responded that they “occasionally” buy kosher. 55% gave health and safety as a reason for their kosher purchases with 38% saying they were vegetarians. Mintel researchers note a significant increase in kosher consumption by Halal customers. 16% of those who buy kosher said that they observe Halal. The new Mintel study will also feature a detailed demographic profile of who is buying kosher as well as important comparisons to the 2003 study on five major food categories. (Reprinted from Kosher Today Online.)

OU Kosher Staff