OU Profile: Rabbi Zvi Goodman

August 21, 2008

Born in Hartford, CT, Rabbi Howard (Zvi) Goodman was educated at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University, and is a graduate of Yeshiva University. After studying advanced Talmud and Judaic Law in Jerusalem, he received rabbinic ordination from Medrash Hatalmud Tifereth Avrohom Yeshiva in Jerusalem, as well as from a number of Jerusalem’s leading rabbinic scholars. Upon his return to the United States, Rabbi Goodman served as a Rabbinic Fellow at the prestigious Beth Medrash Govoha Rabbi Aaron Kotler Institute for Advanced Learning in Lakewood, NJ.

Rabbi Goodman served as director of rabbinic studies at Yeshiva Shaare Torah in Suffern, NY and also held several supervisory positions in the field of kashrut. Rabbi Goodman joined the Orthodox Union’s Kosher Department more than 12 years ago, where he serves as rabbinic coordinator for many of the OU’s vitamin companies. In addition, Rabbi Goodman also serves as RC for many hot filled beverage, tomato and condiment companies.
Rabbi Goodman resides in Monsey, NY. He is married, the father of six children and has 12 grandchildren.

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