OU Launches Universal Kosher Database (UKD)

We are pleased to announce that the Universal Kosher Database (UKD), a new and powerful tool, is now available to all OU certified companies. We are certain that this groundbreaking enhancement will simplify our companies’ kosher programs and provide them with important options that were not previously available.

The UKD contains a record of tens of thousands of kosher products that are certified by the OU and other major Kashrus organizations. All of these products are approved for use in OU plants (though it is necessary to receive formal written approval from our office before using these items).

To access the Universal Kosher Database, simply go to http://oudirect.org and enter your unique access code and password.

The UKD provides OU certified companies with the following advantages:

a) They can use the powerful search engine to locate acceptable ingredients and new sources of supply.

b) If companies wish to apply for approval to use a new ingredient, it is no longer necessary for them to provide a letter of certification, if the item appears on the UKD. They can simple print a copy of the UKD listing of the requested ingredient and submit the copy together with a request form for new ingredients. This eliminates the hassle of contacting manufacturers and distributors and asking for letters of certification.

The UKD does not contain listings of products that are designated as proprietary by manufacturers. Currently, if companies wish to use these ingredients, they must seek a letter of certification from the manufacturer or distributor.

Please also be aware that products that are designated as dairy may not be suitable for use in plants that manufacture pareve products.

If you have questions about the UKD or if you would like set up your UKD account please call (212) 613-8322 or email ukd@ou.org.

OU Kosher Staff