Kosher Department Leader Presents Senator Lieberman With Journal Dedicated To Memory Of His Mother

Rabbi Menachem Genack, Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Union’sKashrut (Kosher) Department, presented Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) with a copy of the 21st and latest issue of the Department’s highly regarded journal, Mesorah. The issue is dedicated to Senator Lieberman’s mother, Marsha, who died in June.

The presentation took place in the Senator’s Washington office.

Mesorah (Tradition) is a journal devoted to the study of Torah and to the teachings of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik (the Rav) of Yeshiva University, one of the foremost figures of Jewish life in the 20th century. The journal, which is written totally in Hebrew, is highly respected in the Orthodox world and serves as a source of study for rabbis and scholars on issues of Jewish law in general, with a special interest in kosher law. Rabbi Genack, who is co-editor of the journal along with Rabbi Hershel Schachter of Yeshiva University, was a disciple of the Rav, who died in 1993.

“Senator Lieberman is a wonderful role model. In turn, his mother was such a strong role model for him and his sisters, with her service to Jewish organizations and her emphasis on Jewish values such as morality and serving the public good,” Rabbi Genack declared.

The dedication, to Masha bat Reb Yosef (Masha, daughter of Reb Yosef — in English “Joseph,” for whom the Senator was named) cites her as an Aishet Chayil, a “Woman of Valor,” a phrase taken from the book of Proverbs by King Solomon. (Jewish husbands recite the Aishet Chayil chapter to their wives every week at the beginning of the Sabbath.) “She lived a life of faith and loving kindness, of love of every person; her entire purpose was to provide bounteously for her family. She followed the traditions of our people.”

Rabbi Genack shows dedication of the Mesorah issue to Senator Joseph Lieberman.

OU Kosher Staff