Integrated Pharmaceuticals Gains OU Kosher Certification

Integrated Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that, after successful completion of inspection of its production facility, the company received the Kosher Certification from the Orthodox Union (OU) for all of its products.

The company has recently added five products to its portfolio, some of which are used primarily in food industries. The company will be able to serve more customers with its OU certification.

Dr. Chinmay Chatterjee, Ph.D., President and CEO of the company said that “Although all IntePharm’s products meet and often exceed US Pharmacopoeia standards, having been certified by the Orthodox Union to sell as Kosher certified product increases the company’s market opportunities.”

In another note, Dr. Chatterjee mentioned that the company also filed an amended Form 10-SB last week for SEC’s review. The new filing includes audited financial statements for 2004.

About Integrated Pharmaceuticals

IntePharm is an emerging producer of pharmaceuticals, specialty compounds and chemicals for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. In addition to making products, IntePharm discovers and develops more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes. These processes are developed using a comprehensive technology platform that combines metabolic engineering, cellular genetics, advanced bioprocess engineering, and computer simulation science. The company owns several pending patent applications for new products and technologies related to the food and nutritional products markets.

OU Kosher Staff