Announcing the Arrival of Geliko OU Kosher Gelatine Hydrolysate, for Kosher Food and Pharmaceuticals

A basic element missing from the kosher food industry for generations was affordable cattle-derived kosher gelatine. Geliko, a world leader in kosher gelatine production, has recently announced the arrival of Geliko Kosher Gelatine and Gelatine Hydrolysate.

Long hailed as a rich source of protein, gelatine hydrolysate has not always been available to manufacturers of kosher food and kosher pharmaceuticals. Combining the resources of a global manufacturer with the technical expertise of the Orthodox Union, Geliko has optimized and streamlined the complicated process of kosher gelatine production. Today, Geliko manages the world’s largest and most reliable continuous systems for kosher gelatine production, and can support the production needs of any kosher food production facility.

Mr. Zach Rubin, President of Geliko, explains, “To make kosher gelatine available to the entire kosher industry, we needed to have the kosher certification with maximum acceptance. The OU was the natural choice. Not only are they accepted and respected universally, their rabbis have a deep understanding of complex technical issues. Their expertise was indispensible in making this project a success. With this project, the OU has helped numerous companies that could not manufacture certain kosher products because kosher gelatine was not available.”

Gelatine and gelatine hydrolysate are both valuable substances, and both play vital roles in manufacture. However, there are distinct differences between them.

Collagen (the protein substance from the hides of kosher-slaughtered cattle), is converted to a liquid form through enzymatic hydrolysis. Carefully-controlled partial hydrolysis yields gelatine, while complete enzymatic hydrolysis produces gelatine hydrolysate. Gelatine and gelatine hydrolysate can be used to enhance texture, thickness, and gel strength, (Gelatine is defined by its bloom, or gel strength.)

“Gelatine,” says Mr. Rubin, “has a neutral taste and no odor, so it can be used in food applications without altering taste or smell.” Gelatine forms a gel at room temperature and requires hot water to dissolve. Therefore, it can function in numerous ways: as a gel former and texturizer in fruit gums and gelatine desserts; a stabilizer in dairy products such as yogurts or puddings; and an emulsifier in soups, sauces and low-fat food. If a particular product needs its ingredients brought together with an optimal consistency or strength, gelatine is the perfect adhesive for the job. Furthermore, it can act as a whipping agent and foam former in marshmallows, ice cream, cake fillings and mousse desserts. It is also a great source of protein.

Gelatine hydrolysate, on the other hand, is defined by its viscosity. It forms a solution at room temperature, and most types dissolve at room temperature in cold water.

Gelatine hydrolysate is also an ideal source of protein. It can be used as a thickening and binding agent, so it is able to replace sugar as an adhesive in some products, further improving their healthfulness. Gelatine hydrolysate, too, is neutral in taste, so it does not affect flavor adversely. It is used to improve a wide array of products, including protein bars, cereal bars, protein drinks, smoothies, and joint health and nutraceuticial products.

The benefits that Geliko Kosher Gelatine and Gelatine Hydrolysate can provide are endless. Whether you are looking to improve the physical characteristics of your products or increase their nutritional value, Geliko Kosher Gelatine and Gelatine Hydrolysate are ideal ingredients.

For further information contact Zach Rubin.

Rabbi Seth Mandel serves as Orthodox Union rabbinic coordinator for Geliko.

OU Kosher Staff