“Achieving Success in America:” An Educational Seminar for Foreign Trade Commissions and Consulates

Food Management Partners, the Orthodox Union and the Food Institute joined forces to present “Achieving Success In America,” a seminar to educate foreign trade commissions and consulates about the correct procedures needed for international food manufacturers to successfully launch their products in the U.S.

October 10th, 2007
Orthodox Union Headquarters
11 Broadway
Manhattan, New York

The seminar will address the correct business strategies and marketing strategies that are essential for international food manufacturers to be successful in the U.S. The seminar will also identify and discuss the risks and obstacles that could hinder international manufacturers when dealing with U.S retailers and distributors.

“This is a must attend seminar for foreign trade commissions and consulates who are serious about providing their food manufacturers with the correct strategies and procedures needed to enter the U.S. market,” stated Alan A. Casucci, Principal of Food Management Partners.

“We know from experience that international food manufacturers must overcome two major obstacles to launch their products in the U.S. One, they need a partner who understands how to talk with the specific classes of trade they are pursuing. Two, a company who knows the lay-of-the-land to introduce their products to the appropriate distributors and retail outlets. They waste so much time talking with the wrong people,” added Casucci.

Food Management Partners will be presenting the following three strategic steps needed for international food manufacturers to successfully implement a Go-To-Market Retail Strategy in the U.S.

  1. Market Position and Brand Planning
  2. Development of an Integrated Marketing and Distribution Strategy
  3. Retail Execution

The Orthodox Union will be presenting the benefits and advantages of OU Kosher Certification in the international food market, specifically in the U.S. Presenter, Rabbi Eliyahu Safran, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the Orthodox Union will discuss the following topics:

  1. What is Kosher?
  2. How does Kosher Certification work?
  3. What makes one item Kosher and another not?
  4. What ingredients or products are rarely or never kosher?
  5. The benefits of Kosher certified products.
  6. Not all Kosher Certifications are created equal. The difference between OU Certification and other Kosher Certifications.

How to make the OU symbol increase your sales:

  1. OU is the gold standard of Kosher Certification
  2. Widest choice of vendors
  3. Greatest consumer acceptance
  4. Consistent look for your brand
  5. OU will fast track a referred application
  6. We can help source OU certified products

The Food Institute will discuss current conditions and trends in the U.S. food industry, including an economic update and a look at ongoing changes in the U.S. marketplace. A review of recent and upcoming developments in food safety and food labeling will be included as well.

About Food Management Partners

Food Management Partners is a single resource company for launching food products in the U.S. Food Management Partners offers domestic and international food manufacturers a range of services including: Management Coordination, Broker & Distributor Management, Business Planning & Strategy, Brand Consulting, Advertising, Public Relations and Packaging Design. For more information regarding Food Management Partners contact Alan A. Casucci.

About The Orthodox Union

The Orthodox Union is the world’s largest, most respected kosher certification agency. For millions of consumers, kosher signifies accountability, acceptability and quality. Many food companies have obtained kosher certification and have entered into the ever growing kosher food markets in the U.S., Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, China, Far East, Israel and elsewhere. The Orthodox Union has certified over 6,000 plants in over 80 countries world wide. The Orthodox Union, one of the world’s best-known certification marks, immediately and universally enhances food products, affecting the perception of its quality, and increasing its marketability. For more information regarding the Orthodox Union contact Phyllis Koegel, koegelp@ou.org.

About The Food Institute

The Food Institute is a nonprofit organization with a single purpose: providing information. The Food Institute strives to be the best single source for current, timely and relevant information about the food industry “from farm to fork.” The association provides its members with a robust electronic “Today in Food” Daily Update with 30+ items, a weekly “Food Institute Report,” as well as access to the FI website with market info centers, article archive, economic statistics, resource pages and much, much more. It delivers information through multiple media so that industry professionals worldwide can tap in when and how they choose. For more information regarding the Food Institute contact Brian Todd.

OU Kosher Staff