Absolutely Marvelous News In The World Of Vodka!

In an absolutely significant development in the world of kosher certification, the Orthodox Union and Absolut Vodka today jointly announced that six Absolut products have received kosher certification from the OU, the world’s most recognizable kosher symbol, and that the famed OU will be appearing on Absolut products in the coming months.

The OU symbol can be found on more than 400,000 products manufactured in 80 countries around the globe. Absolut is recognized not only for the quality of its products, but for its celebrated advertising program playing on the word “Absolut,” which appears in high-quality publications. By receiving OU certification, Absolut expands the size of its base to include the growing number of consumers who follow kosher dietary laws.

The OU has had increasing impact in the spirits industry, recently certifying quality products such as Sol Dios Tequila, Pravda Vodka, Dettling Swiss Kirsch, Iceberg Vodka and Don Q Rum.

“As the kosher consumer becomes more sophisticated and is interested in a wider variety of quality items, the certification of products such as the Absolut line of liquors satisfies this need,” declared Rabbi Moshe Elefant, Chief Operating Officer of OU Kosher.

The following Absolut products have received OU certification:

  • Absolut Peppar
  • Absolut Kurant
  • Absolut Ruby Red
  • Absolut Apeach
  • Absolut Raspberri, and
  • Absolut Vodka

It is anticipated that the following flavors will receive OU certification in the coming weeks:

  • Absolut Citron
  • Absolut Mandarin, and
  • Absolut Vanilla.

Absolut products are manufactured at the V&S blending and bottling facility in Ahus, Sweden, using a revolutionary method of distilling called continuous distillation. To ensure consistently high quality, every drop of Absolut is produced with water from the company’s own well, deep down in pristine aquifers, unreachable by pollution and impurities.

Following completion of the certification process, Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator and Vice President, Communications and Marketing, of OU Kosher, who worked with the Absolut team in Sweden processing and administering all steps required in attaining the OU symbol, received the following message from Eric Naf, Director of Product Innovation of V&S Absolut Spirits in Stockholm:

“Thank you very much, Rabbi Safran! Many people have been waiting for this, internally at V&S Absolut Spirits as well as importers and distributors around the world. We are grateful to now have certification with the renowned OU name on it.”

Rick Tapia, Brand Manager of Absolut Vodka in New York, in his communication to Rabbi Safran, added, “We are very excited and look forward to our working relationship.”

Rabbi Safran took note of the utmost professionalism of Absolut team members, who consistently and respectfully responded to the OU‘s complex and stringent certification process and requirements, and extended their full cooperation to the OU Field Representatives, Dr. John Meyer of London, and Rabbi Yisroel Hollander of Antwerp, Belgium, who visited the plants. Rabbi Safran declared that as word of Absolut’s certification has reached the marketplace, others in the industry have already expressed interest in having their liquor products OU certified as well.

Which can only make Rabbis Elefant and Safran at OU Kosher, joined by kosher consumers around the world, declare with glasses raised: “L’Chaim.”

OU Kosher Staff