The Tortilla Wrap Hack

The Four Quadrants Of The Tortilla Wrap Hack

Inspired by a Tiktok posting, the “tortilla wrap hack” is the newest trend in light meal preparation. Creating a kosher wrap in this fashion has never been easier. When first introduced it received over 2 billion views on Tiktok. This new wrap also coincides with the fact that Mexican based food has returned as a staple in the food market.

With one small incision from the center of a circular to the edge, you can set up a four-quadrant kosher tortilla wrap hack that’s been sweeping the country. All you need is a flat baked tortilla, a knife, four or more ingredients that combine well with each other and a frying pan or panini maker to toast the final product.

To begin, cut a line from the center of the tortilla to any part of the edge. Then in approximate symmetrical placement put four separate ingredients that will fill four quadrants on the circular tortilla. Finally, wrap the cut part of the tortilla over its above quadrant then to the right and one last time down and you have a triangular tortilla sandwich that can now be toasted.

King Arthur Flour Offers Homemade Recipes For The Tortilla

King Arthur Flour Offers Homemade Recipes For The Tortilla

When it comes to the tortillas themselves, you can start with either store bought tortillas or take the homemade route. La Tortilla Factory, an OU kosher certified company, produces a wide range of tortillas. They have a multitude of varieties including low carb, gluten-free and organic.

If you’re looking for a homemade challenge then OU kosher certified King Arthur Flour has a few nice recipes. Their “Simple Tortillas” recipe yields eight ready-made tortillas in a mere 35 minutes including preparation and baking. King Arthur’s Unbleached All-Purpose Flour is the main ingredient for these tortillas. There’s also the option to make King Arthur’s “Thin Cornmeal Tortillas.” This yields ten servings, and with the unique mix of flour and cornmeal a novel taste emerges. For those that are gluten-free, King Arthur has a recipe for “Simple Gluten-Free Tortillas.”

Now it’s time to fill the four quadrants of your tortilla with a mix of four or more ingredients that delivers a new eating experience.

You can prepare one for breakfast and include scrambled eggs, shredded or sliced cheese, ground plant-based meat from OU kosher certified Impossible Foods and your favorite vegetables; whether they be peppers, tomatoes, onions, spinach, mushrooms or onions or a combination of all.

If it’s pizza you fancy, you could fill each quadrant separately with sauce, shredded cheese, your favorite vegetables and in the last quadrant, other desired toppings.

You can treat yourself to a turkey tortilla wrap hack, including turkey in one quadrant, lettuce and tomatoes in the second, mayonnaise or hummus in the third and avocado in the last.

For a Mediterranean feel, the four quadrants could be filled with the following: the first with tomatoes, red onions, pickles and cucumbers, the second with hummus, the third with shawarma and the last quadrant with black beans. All of this can be seasoned with zaatar and oil.

For a tuna melt, one quadrant should be filled with tuna, a second with cheese, a third with tomatoes and the fourth with lettuce. Some butter or margarine can be spread on the outside.

A Folded Tortilla Wrap Hack

The Folded Wrap

For dessert, you can prepare a flavorful wrap. Put your favorite fruit in one quadrant, peanut butter in the second, Nutella in the third and marshmallow fluff in the fourth.

After adding the ingredients, fold the four quadrants so that a triangular shape results and put in in a frying pan or panini maker to toast and you’re set for a new experience.

However you choose to fill your tortilla, realize that you are now part of a movement that has brought a “short cut” to enjoying taste and flavor in a symmetrical wrap. The possibilities are endless and the ability to transform how you combine foods has now become revolutionized.




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