Kosher Trends

Should You Wait For Your Family To Light Menorah?

Is it better to light menorah at the “right time” or all together as a family? Rabbi Elefant of OU Kosher explores.

When Should You Light The Menorah?

Should you light the candles at your workplace? Or wait until you are home and light them at a less ideal time?

Should You Light The Menorah Before Leaving For A Party?

Do you light before you leave? Wait until the candles burn down? Or wait until you get home? Rabbi Moshe Elefant of OU Kosher covers your Chanukah questions.

Can A Child Light The Shul Menorah?

Can a child light for the entire community? Do you repeat the Shechiyanu blessing at home once it’s been said in shul? Rabbi Moshe Elefant covers your Chanukah questions.

What If You Light The Menorah at Shul But Not at Home?

Is it necessary to light at your house in order to fulfill the mitzvah? Rabbi Moshe Elefant of OU Kosher answers all of your Chanukah questions.

What If I Forget To Say Al HaNisim?

What happens if you forget to say the special holiday prayer of Al Ha’nisim? Do you need to start davening over again? Rabbi Moshe Elefant of OU Kosher discusses the Halachos of Chanukah.

When Should You Light the Menorah?

There are three commonly used ideas for when to light the menorah – but which one is correct? Rabbi Moshe Elefant of OU Kosher discusses the halachos of Chanukah.

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