Kosher Trends

LINKS to the Past: A Kosher Hot Dog Odyssey

Rabbi David Arfa OU Kosher, Rabbinic Coordinator Call out ‘HOT DOGS!’ at any camp or colony, and prepare for a rush of running feet, and a clatter of plastic plates and forks. There is magic in those hot dogs, painted on the olfactory backdrop of pine trees and swimming pools. But while kosher hot dogs […]

Can You Use Flavored Briquettes For Your Grill?

Are the flavored briquettes sold for grills Kosher? Rabbi Elefant discusses whether they are okay to use or not.

But Is It Glatt Kosher?

Glatt Kosher vs. Just Plain Kosher ‘Glatt Kosher.’ It’s a term you’ve heard applied to the full spectrum of kosher cuisine—from hamburgers and hotels, to potato chips and pizza parlors. But its literal meaning is the glatt or smooth, condition of the lungs of slaughtered animals.  What is ‘glatt kosher?’  And what is not?  Well  before the Jewish food scene—over three millennia—we were instructed, “And flesh […]

OU Kosher Certified Products Lead the Kosher Category at 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show

By Phyllis Koegel, Marketing Director, OU Kosher At this year’s 65th annual Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits center, hundreds of thousands of specialty food and beverage products from all over the world were on display. And amongst those products were over 300 OU Kosher certified companies representing almost all food categories and the […]

Kind Bars For Kids

Nutrition bars are great for stocking up on necessary vitamins and saving you prepping and eating time throughout your day. Until now, these benefits have only been available to adults, as the nutrients were targeted at their bodies. Now the popular Kind Bars have expanded to include a version just for growing children. These bars […]

Impossible Burger: Coming Soon to a Grocery Store Near You!

The Impossible Burger, certified by OU Kosher, has been a huge hit in restaurants, both Kosher and non-Kosher across the country. Now consumers will get what they have been clamoring for ever since they first tried the Impossible Burger. For the first time it will be available in grocery stores for consumer purchase. Read more […]

When Politics is Edible: Food Related Election Rulings

Though food is a massive part of everyone’s’ day-to-day lives, it does not often come up in politics. However, a few states did make rulings in the 2018 midterm elections that will determine agriculture and food laws. You can see some of these rulings, helpfully separated by state, here. 

Metabolic Liquids Now Kosher

Cambrooke’s Glytactin GMP and Actin Amino Acid metabolic formula product lines and Ketogenic liquid formulas for people with intractable epilepsy have been OU-D certified by OU Kosher. To Find Out More About This Click Here.

How Heinz, Coke, and OU Made America Kosher

In the early twentieth century, grocery stores became more industrialized and Kosher Jews realized that they had a problem. With all of the new factory produced foods it became impossible to tell what was Kosher and what was not. Heinz and Coke listened to the voices of the Kosher consumers and started a chain of […]

Kosherfest 2017

OU Kosher at Kosherfest 2017!