OU KOSHER PRESENTS “How To Kasher” DVD of Collected Seminars on the Kosherization Process

OU Kosher, has long shared educational and informative DVDs on kashrut-related issues with the community, and now presents “HOW TO Kasher,” a DVD of collected ASK OU and ASK OU OUTREACH kashrut seminars related to the process of kosherizing that have occurred over the past several years.

The DVD, which is the newest addition to the OU Kosher “HOW TO…” DVD series, is being released thanks to the Harry H. Beren Foundation of Lakewood, NJ. Other DVD’s in the series include HOW TO be an Excellent Mashgiach, HOW TO Check for Treifos, HOW TO be Menaker, HOW TO Check for Insects, and HOW TO Set up a Vaad HaKashrus.

Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher, declared, “I wish to commend Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter, one of the OU’s foremost kashering experts, for the many efforts he has extended on behalf of the production of the newly released “HOW TO Kasher” DVD. This superb collection of videos which clearly discuss and vividly display all facets of kosherization procedures is certain to enhance kashrus worldwide.”

Rabbi Yosef Grossman, Director of OU Kosher Education, stated, “We are extremely pleased to present to the public the trailblazing new kashrut DVD “How to Kasher,” with the OU’s renowned kosherization expert Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter. On the disc, in various settings such as the Grand Hyatt Hotel, a yeshiva kitchen, a hospital kitchen and OU headquarters, Rabbi Perlmutter familiarizes the viewer with Foodservice Kashering, Industrial Kashering, and the practical applications of Hilchos Hechsher Keilim, or the laws pertaining to the kosherization of equipment. The student learns by visual demonstration how to perform the various types of kashering such as Irui, Hagolah, Libun Kal and Libun Gomur. He sees the various pieces of equipment which need kosherization and the variety of pieces of equipment used by the kashrut professional in the kashering process.”

“As an additional special treat, ‘The Kosherization of the Fuji Plant in Japan’ by Reb Shmuel Lazer Stern, one of the OU’s foremost expert mashgichim, is part of the new DVD as well. I believe the amazing kashering videos presented in the menu of ‘HOW TO Kasher’ will make this disc an instant classic joining the other classics in the HOW TO series.”

The “HOW TO Kasher” DVD is available for purchase at $10; other HOW TO… DVDs are available for $5 each. Those who order the previous five “HOW TO…” DVDs will receive “HOW TO Kasher” free. A 54-hour ASK OU DVD of audio and visual kashrut educational programming, encompassing over 90 topics, is available for $10, as well.

To order, contact 212-613-8279 or fill out the order form

OU Kosher Staff