Featuring YOU!

When an exciting product obtains its Kosher certification, a certain buzz goes through the Kosher world. It’s the buzz of Whatsapp and Facebook chats lighting up as friends alert each other that something unique and delicious is now available for their consumption.

The Kosher market can, at times, feel limited. In an increasingly online world, Kosher consumers are exposed to many products that are generating raves on social media but are still unavailable for Kosher use. The internet needs a homebase for these consumers to discover the new and exciting products they can enjoy. That’s why OU Kosher has begun to reach out to particularly exciting Kosher-certified companies to create featured pages.

On a featured page, a company can expound on their background, history, or heritage. They can discuss health benefits or secret ingredients. Most importantly, they can display their products to a Kosher marketplace that is happy to create buzz around any product that is new, delicious, and Kosher.

Current featured pages include Chobani, Impossible Burgers, and Nora Seaweed Snacks. Joining the ranks of one of these companies is easy-simply send an email to leffr@ou.org with 200-500 words on your Kosher products or company background as well as 3 images that are at least 400 width x 200 height and 70 dpi.

OU Kosher will be providing new ways to market Kosher goods in each newsletter. We are excited to work with you, our Kosher companies, to create the kind of buzz the Kosher community loves.

OU Kosher Staff