OU Certification Suits Sri Lanka Company To A Tea

Tea is a traditional industry in Sri Lanka, which took root in the late 18th century when Sri Lanka was a British colony better known as Ceylon. Today, tea manufacturing and exporting is one of the largest industries there. Heritage Teas Premium Services (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading exporters of high quality teas from Sri Lanka, with a global customer base extending over 35 countries.

The Heritage group commenced tea operations in 1994, and in 2001 Heritage Teas Premium Services (Pvt) Ltd was established to serve the most quality-conscious and discerning tea drinkers around the world. The company’s commitment to quality stems from the vast experience of its tea experts, which collectively amounts to more than 100 years. The core business includes processing, cleaning, blending and value addition (i.e., flavouring, tea bagging, packaging, etc.) of high quality teas for customers worldwide.

The company has received several quality certifications since its inception, but one certification in particular is held by the company as its most valuable asset in dealing with “special requirement” markets. In 2003 Heritage Teas Premium Services (Pvt) Ltd was honored to be the first company in Sri Lanka to be awarded OU Kosher certification for its brand of tea bag products. The decision to obtain certification was made by Managing Director/C.E.O. Anel De Silva. “Our company is based on the principle that each of our customers has individual needs and requirements,” Mr. De Silva explained. “It is our policy to make every effort to fulfill these needs, and what better way is there to get this point across than by obtaining kosher certification.”

OU certification has tremendously improved the exposure of Heritage Teas Premium Services in terms of new markets and the awarding of contracts by large supermarkets in the United States, for which the company packs private label brands. Heritage’s kosher line includes black and flavoured teas with several new flavors and varieties now being researched for introduction in the future.

Heritage Teas Premium Services (Pvt) Ltd is a young company with a dedicated team of experts and a modern facility which is considered to be one of the most sophisticated in the Sri Lankan tea industry. These attributes, together with our unwavering commitment to quality and our objective to serve all of our customers worldwide, can only result in Heritage fulfilling its promise to supply the highest quality tea to the most quality conscious customers.

OU Kosher Staff