And OU Tea From Argentina Too

Heredia TeaWhen a company decides to sell its products worldwide and therefore needs to improve its quality standards, and if the company is from Argentina, a good product or attractive packaging are not sufficient. At Heredia, we knew that the OU symbol would assure that our company’s standards would be acceptable everywhere.

Laboratorios Heredia is a family-owned company established in 1996 to manufacture herbal products, including tea. At its plant at Boulogne, Argentina, Heredia processes and packages its own brands and brands for numerous labels that trust their products to us. We use the best raw materials, including herbs from Argentina and elsewhere around the world. The company uses the most modern technology, which is constantly updated according to the needs of the marketplace. Our plant is approved to manufacture phytotherapic, food and organic products and our quality is supervised by external audits, which verify the quality control work of our technical personnel.

In the last few years, Argentina has become an exporting country; responding to this challenge, Heredia decided to open new markets, based on its policy of quality and very competitive prices. We knew that OU certification would assure confidence in our company and guarantee worldwide acceptance of our products. We were further encouraged and motivated when we met Rabbi Eliyahu Safran who represented the Orthodox Union at the 2004 TodoKosher show in Buenos Aires. His persistence and professionalism both moved us to join with the world’s most respected kosher certification agency.

We weren’t wrong. Two weeks after obtaining OU certification, our products were found on the shelves of Wal-Mart, and we received orders from Israel and France.

OU Kosher Staff