“The Original” Wrapole’ Premium Quality Tortillas® Now Certified By The Orthodox Union

October 22, 2009

Ellen Libfeld, Vice President of “The Original” WrapOle’ Premium Quality Tortillas®, announced the Orthodox Union will be the certification agency for product made in Florida. All products will continue to be Pas Yisroel and made with the same ingredients customers have enjoyed since 1996.

“The Original” WrapOle’ Premium Quality Tortillas®, known for its high quality and great taste, is sought after by the finest chefs, restaurants and caterers. Ms. Libfeld states that this new location will help its expansion into additional markets.

WrapOle’s are available in retail packs and restaurant sizes. The retail packs come in six flavors: Original, Tex-Mex, Sesame, Spinach, Wheat with Honey and Challah Aloha. Other flavors available for Food Service include Black Bean, Rye, Mediterranean (Zaatar), Southwestern, Pesto, Marinara, Multi-grain, Golden Asian Fusion and a desert wrap, Luscious Chocolate Orange.

For more information about WrapOle‘®, contact Customer Relations, Libfeld, Inc., 866-482-7092 or http://www.wrapole.com.

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