OU KOSHER Comes To SoHo, With New York City’s Newest Glatt Kosher Restaurant: “The J”

Name Has Changed but Restaurant Still Continues to Create Fun, Modern, Elegant Kosher Dining Experience


There is good news for New York-area dining patrons in search of the ultimate destination, combining stunning surroundings, delectable dishes and creative cuisine: The world’s foremost authority on kosher food, the Orthodox Union, will now be responsible for the supervision of SoHo restaurant “The J,” formerly “Jezebel.”

With a new head chef, general manager, service manager and catering manager in tow, the owners, Menachem Senderowicz and Henry Stimler, have made changes to the workings of the restaurant to serve the entire metropolitan area’s Glatt Kosher consumers. There will be no changes in the way The J’s kitchen prepares its food, which has always adhered to the strictest standards of kosher cooking. These entrepreneurs have challenged previous standards of what Glatt Kosher restaurants can be, in a city and neighborhood laden with sleek, trendy establishments.

“We are still going to be the most innovative, fun and entertaining kosher restaurant in New York City, and we are very happy to have the OU on board,” said Mr. Senderowicz. “If people tried Jezebel, we hope they will come back and experience The J, because we believe it’s only going to get better from here.”

From the moment you enter the stylish entrance, you find yourself in an environment brimming with romanticism, elegance and the finest that eclectic dining and five-star service can combine, to overwhelm your every sense. The extensive wine list and full bar replete with custom cocktails celebrate the restaurant’s niche in the most demanding dining market in the world, setting the tone for everything from an unforgettable brunch with friends to the perfect setting to negotiate your most critical  business matters.

Families will long to return time-and-time again, as the extensive menu of mouth watering treats delight every palette. Couples will post every significant date on their calendar with the “J” that reminds them to head to the most memorable evening out they will experience, each time as if it were the first.

The “J Lounge,” the brand new private dining space, will create a perfect setting for the private event where you and up to 50 guests will be pampered with the most unique, high-end service and customized menu, whether a Sheva Brachot, the traditional post-wedding celebration, or special family get together.

Fun, innovative and entertaining, The J will make each of its patrons feel like a VIP, enjoying the most exciting, cutting-edge dining experience the kosher world has to offer. And it’s all under the supervision of OU Kosher!

OU Kosher Staff