OU KOSHER Prepares for Part II of its ASK OU Outreach in Brooklyn

OU Kashrus’ Harry H. Beren ASK OU OUTREACH program journeyed to Brooklyn Sunday night for the first of a two-part session highlighting the expertise of OU Kosher and its policies. In a session that drew a standing-room audience of 500, both men and women, Rav Yisroel Belsky, OU halachic decisor, and Rabbi Moshe Elefant, OU Kosher Chief Operating Officer, clearly answered questions on OU psak (rulings) and policy which according to Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Director of Kashrus Education, “enthralled” the audience at Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin.

They were followed by fascinating presentations given by Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, rabbinic coordinator and fish expert, with his “Ex’salmon’ation of Kosher Fish,” and by Rabbi Chaim Loike, rabbinic coordinator and birds expert, with a live viewing of exotic birds, kosher and non-certified. Crowds surrounded both Rabbis Goldberg and Loike until close to midnight questioning and learning from the experts. According to Rabbi Grossman, “One of the firsts at the program was the participation of Kol Haloshon, which broadcast the event live worldwide. This is an indicator of the interest the kosher community, wherever it may be, has in the work of OU Kashrus.”

Part two of the program will take place this Sunday night, April 25 at the Agudath Israel Zichron Chaim Tzvi, 2122 Avenue S, as an invitation is extended for the first time to “Meet and Hear From OU’s Expert Mashgichim/Rabbinic Field Representatives” from around the country. They will address topics such as labels, purity, flavors, beverages and kashrus challenges. This will be followed by a session on “Bedikas Toyloim of Vegetables and Fruits” with a live demonstration with Rabbi Yosef Eisen, former OU Rabbinic Coordinator of Food Services and current rabbinic administrator of the Vaad of the Five Towns.

OU Kosher Staff