Minute Maid® & Simply Beverages Get OU KOSHER Certified

Multiple juice and juice drink varieties from Minute Maid® and Simply BeveragesTM will now carry the kosher certification in the U.S. A variety of delicious options from the popular beverage brands have received certification from the Orthodox Union (OU), the world’s largest kosher certification agency.

The Minute Maid portfolio of beverages, with more than 100 different flavors and varieties, is the No. 1 fruit and vegetable juice brand in the world in terms of combined retail volume sales. More than a dozen chilled Minute Maid orange juice varieties — including the newest not-from-concentrate offering, Minute Maid Pure Squeezed orange juice beverages — will feature the symbol on packaging.

“For many, kosher certification plays an important role in how they choose the right brands for their families,” said Charles Torrey, Vice President, Marketing, Minute Maid. “Having the OU ‘stamp of approval’ for so many Minute Maid orange juice choices is welcomed news for juice drinkers who follow the OU kosher diet.”

Since Simply Orange® launched in 2001, the Simply Beverages line has grown to include sixteen varieties of not-from-concentrate juices and juice drinks that offer premium, fresh taste. Beyond orange juice, the portfolio includes Simply Lemonade®, Simply Limeade®, Simply Apple®, Simply Grapefruit®, and Simply Cranberry® Cocktail. All Simply Beverages have been certified kosher by the OU and will carry the mark on packaging. Simply Beverages are available nationwide in a variety of sizes, including a 59 fl. oz. carafe, a 13.5 fl. oz. carafe and an 89 fl. oz. package.

“Simply has always been committed to quality, and our partnership with the OU is another example of that commitment,” said Allison Higbie, Group Director of Marketing for Simply Beverages. “We received valuable support from the Orthodox Union as they guided us through the certification process, and we look forward to building a long-term relationship.”

In addition to the products receiving OU certification, several Minute Maid and Simply Beverage products have also been certified OU Kosher for Passover. They include Minute Maid Pure Squeezed 100% OJ in the No Pulp and Some Pulp varieties, and Simply Orange Pulp Free and Simply Orange High Pulp varieties.

Rabbi Raymond Morrison, long time OU Kosher’s Rabbinic Coordinator, commented: “Throughout the certification process, I have been impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of each brand’s personnel with whom we had the pleasure to work. I have found that their ethos of striving for excellence in every facet of their work mirrors that of the Orthodox Union and will certainly contribute to a strong and meaningful relationship.”

The rollout of packaging for Minute Maid and Simply Beverages with the designation has already begun and will continue over the next several months. A complete list of Minute Maid and Simply Beverages products certified by the Orthodox Union can be found through this link to the OUkosher.org website.

* Source: Euromonitor International Limited; total volume sales including retail volume sales in litres based on 2011 data.

OU Kosher Staff