GE Appliances Embraces OU Kosher and the Jewish Community

Our Plan at GE Appliances is Connecting With Customers

At GE Appliances we’re on a journey called Zero Distance. That means we want to get closer to our customers than any manufacturer has ever done before. So when we saw the Jewish community and the way it was being served by the appliance industry, we knew there could be a better way, we knew we could do something more. But to do that we needed to build out an ecosystem of partners that were in the community we wanted to serve.


We Connected With OU Kosher and Zman Technologies

Because we knew we didn’t have the answers. We had to reach out and work with others. So we did just
that. We found the most amazing partners. First we found Eli Antebi at Zman Technologies. We saw that
Zman developed products for the Jewish community that were like no others and that technology
allowed us to serve you in better ways. What was special about that is that is was made by the
community and for the community and that’s what we love about Zman.

We Needed a True Authority on Kosher and  Jewish law


But that wasn’t enough for us. We needed a true authority on Jewish law to make sure all the moves we were done in the right way and it
was truly a better way. So we found Rabbi Ortner working with the OU and Hisachdus Harabbanim to make sure everything that was being done was the right way that the community wants not
the way the manufacturer wants. We’re so please with what we were able to come out with as a team working together. Products and solutions that are different than anything you’ve ever seen
before from appliance manufacturers. And this is just a start. We’ve got a full line of appliances coming out, but this relationship, this ecosystem is going to go on and we continue to be committed at the highest levels of our company to serve you in better ways and that’s the kind of commitment
it takes to truly be Zero-Distance to work with the community and find a better way. And that’s
who we are at GE Appliances.

Gary Magder