Rabbi Gavriel Price

Rabbi Gavriel Price is a member of the Ingredients Approval Registry as well as a rabbinic coordinator for the flavors industry. He lives in Passaic, NJ. He and his family love hiking.

Kosher Nutraceuticals and Supplements: Principles and Process

Kosher supervision demands that both ingredients and the production process are required to be kosher. The growth of the global ingredients supply chain for nutritional ingredients, and the many manufacturers pursuing kosher certification for  those ingredients, has required OU  Kosher to apply these principles of kosher law to a variety of  production scenarios. Besides the […]

Learning to Do Business in China

Rabbi Luntz lives in Perth, Australia, with his young family and has been an RFR for the OU in China since 2014.  Question: When was the first time you went to China?   Answer: The first time I went to China was a stopover in Hong Kong, and I spent a Sabbath in Guan Zhou, the next-door city to Hong Kong. That was just a […]

What You Need to Know About Certifying Pea Protein

Few would have predicted that the unassuming pea would become one of the globe’s most quickly adopted ingredients and in a surprising variety of foods. ≈But consider: the pea is packed with protein. By isolating that protein and “cleaning” it to remove any pea flavor that would limit its food applications, you get pea protein isolate: a non-GMO, non-allergen, […]

Announcing the Launch of OU Kosher’s Copacker Directory

Finding Kosher Certified  Copackers The U.S. contract packaging market is expected to have an annual compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 12% from 2021 to 2025 according to the reporting firm Research and Markets. For many companies, contract manufacturing can be more cost-effective, allowing them to focus on their core businesses. Outsourcing manufacturing can […]

SOS Co-packing Solutions Sees Every Product and Customer as Unique

SOS Co-packing Solutions considers itself a strategic partner and an extension of its customer’s team offering complete services from regulatory expertise to packaging, branding and ingredient sourcing.  SOS sees each request as unique and takes the time to analyze process and presentation in formulating a plan that meets the customer’s specific goals and objectives. SOS […]

India’s Food Industry and OU Kosher

The next time you’re savoring your side of basmati rice, mushrooms in your salad, and vegetables in your instant soup – you just might catch a scent of sandalwood incense and sweet flowers. After all, you’re enjoying a taste of India.