Rabbi Chaim Goldberg

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg began working at OU Kosher in 2002.  His talents cast a wide net across many areas of kosher certification, with a specialty in the ocean’s kosher bounty.  In addition to supervising many OU-certified fish manufacturing accounts, Rabbi Goldberg has completed hundreds of inspections at manufacturing plants on five continents.  He stores his passport in Brooklyn, NY. 

Kosher Fish Production: Getting Into the Stream of Things

A Q&A on Kosher Fish Production So your fish processing company is thinking about becoming OU kosher, but you have some questions? We can help! All kosher fish must have (fins and scales). Furthermore, the scales must be capable of being removed without tearing the fish’s skin (See Rema Yoreh Deah 83:1). It is not […]

OU Kosher Symbols Explained

A complete list of all of the OU Symbols and their meaning.

Nothing Fishy About OU Fish Standards

Q: My local fish store does not have kosher supervision and sells mostly fish with the skin removed already. The names of the fish are kosher sounding. Is there any problem with me buying fish from this source?