Elinor Nauen

How Chickpeas Went From a Dream to Pareve Yogurt

  Noam Sharon was a corporate and securities lawyer in Israel before he began working on the idea that would become CHKP Foods, a company that makes OU kosher pareve yogurt from chickpeas. It wasn’t as radical a move as it may sound, given that hummus was an essential part of his diet growing up […]

Going for the Goji

Around 10 years ago, then an electrical and general contractor, Tibor Fischl designed a retractable greenhouse and agricultural growing system. Figuring he had to put something into it to show how it would work, he looked for nutritious plants and came upon the goji berry. Originally brought to the United States in the 19th century […]

Eat The Change: Snack to the Future

Eat the Change creates healthy chef-crafted snacks, including its latest offering, OU Kosher-certified Cosmic Carrot Chews. Co-founder Seth Goldman who also co-founded Honest Tea wanted kosher certification to expand the product’s reach.   “What we eat has the single biggest impact on the planet of any of our daily actions,” says Seth Goldman, co-founder and CEO […]