Rabbi David Arfa

But Is It Glatt Kosher?

Glatt Kosher vs. Just Plain Kosher ‘Glatt Kosher.’ It’s a term you’ve heard applied to the full spectrum of kosher cuisine—from hamburgers and hotels, to potato chips and pizza parlors. But its literal meaning is the glatt or smooth, condition of the lungs of slaughtered animals.  What is ‘glatt kosher?’  And what is not?  Well  before the Jewish food scene—over three millennia—we were instructed, “And flesh […]

The Many Lives of Kosher Salt 

What exactly is Kosher salt?    Kosher salt is really a misnomer: it should be called koshering salt. This is salt that was used to ‘kasher’ chicken and beef, by removing the blood from the flesh.   Remember the familiar red and yellow box of kosher salt in Bubby’s pantry? While its use in kosher processing has moved out of the kitchen, it’s […]