Identifying Kosher Eggs, Mammals and other Animals

The ninth Harry H. Beren ASK OU SKYPE Shiur to Kollel Beth HaTalmud in Melbourne, Australia took place as part of the Kollel’s Yarchei Kalah program on Thurs. Dec. 26th @ 5:00PM NYC time and on Fri. Dec. 27th @ 9:00AM Melbourne time. Whether it was discussing speckled quail eggs, or comparing a giraffe’s foot with a zebra’s foot , or looking in the upper jaw of an animal to see whether it has teeth or not to help determine kashrus status, Rabbi Chaim Loike’s second shiur to Australia on Kosher eggs and animals was once again considered “down under” as “Amazing!”.
Introduction by — Rabbi Yosef Grossman
Presented by – Rabbi Chaim Loike

OU Kosher Staff