ASK OU comes to Monsey with “Contemporary Issues & Halachic Applications In Dairy Kashrus”

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The Beis Midrash Ohr Chaim’s Community Learning Center and Night Kollel of 18 Forshay Road, headed by Rabbi Nachum Scheiner Shlit”a, hosted a number of shiurim on the topic of cholov akum. The first shiur was given last week by Rabbi Ari Senter, Rabbinical Administrator of the Kof-K; Rav, Kehilas Yeshorim of Wesley Hills. TOPIC: Cholov and Gevinas Akum. The crowd was treated to a tour of the entire breadth of the sugya, from the earliest sources up to the practical halachic applications.

The next shiur was given this past Sunday night, by Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer Shlit”a, Rabbinic Coordinator/Dairy Specialist at the OU and Chairman of OU Dairy Committee. He discussed “Contemporary Issues & Halachic Applications in Dairy Kashrus”. Some of the topics he discussed were milk supervision, cheese making, and butter production. Shiur was followed by Questions & Answers. Rabbi Gordimer expounded on the OU policy of a Jew putting in the rennet to ensure the kashrus of the cheese production. He was able to share his wealth of knowledge in these subjects, including fascinating facts about the process of milk production in some countries, with use of machines only. The shiur gave the kollel an opportunity to hear what is going on behind the scenes in various establishments and get a real “hands-on” experience on the topic that they are currently learning.

Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer received the following letter from Rabbi Nochum Scheiner the Rosh Kollel:
“Dear Rabbi Gordimer, Shlita
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing shiur that you gave for our night kollel. We really appreciate that you took the time from your busy schedule to come out to Monsey to give a shiur to our kollel. It was a tremendous help for us in gaining clarity in these complicated halachos of cholov and gevinas akum. Both the yungerleit and ba’alei batim enjoyed the shiur immensely and those who missed the shiur asked for a CD of the shiur. It is our humble wish and brocha that you should continue to be marbitz Torah and enhance the learning of the klal, through your many shiurim.”

Please enjoy Rabbi Gordimer’s shiur by clicking here.

Their Kollel Boker also had the great privilege of having a shiur b’inyana d’yoma on the topic of “The Kashrus of the Shul Shofar and Why You Should Care” – kudu verse ram, flat verse curled, & the variety of sounds. The shiur was given by Rabbi Avrohom Reit Shlit”a, author of the Tekufas Hashana series – halachic works aimed at demystifying everyday mitzvos and an expert on the topic. The olam was then treated to a live demonstration of how to blow shofar. There was a beautiful turnout at all of the shiurim.

To hear more about shiurim given in Ohr Chaim, please contact Rabbi Scheiner @ 845-499-6354 or email to:

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