Rabbi Mordechai Stareshefsky

Rabbinic Coordinator

As a Rabbinic Coordinator specializing in spices, nutritional supplements, baby formulas, beverages and vinegar, Rabbi Mordechai Stareshefsky oversees over 200 companies and 400 plants, worldwide. He travels frequently to personally audit and inspect the kosher programs in his plants and factories. In addition to his multiple duties as Rabbinic Coordinator, Rabbi Stareshefsky is a member of the OU’s New Companies department, part of a team charged with assessing an applicant’s kosher suitability, and then devising and properly implementing a framework which will enable the OU to provide the highest quality kosher supervision to the applicant.

Rabbi Stareshefsky is a graduate of elite Rabbinic Institutions: Yeshivas Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin and Beth Medrash Govoha. Before joining the OU, Rabbi Stareshefsky worked for a number of years as a writer for the Jewish World’s premier publishing house, Artscroll, translating and elucidating portions of the Talmud. His extensive background in writing finds its expression in the detailed and comprehensive reports he creates after each plant inspection, describing both the plant procedures, and the kosher procedures which are appropriate for that plant.