Rabbi Michael Morris

Routing Director & Logistics

Rabbi Michael M. Morris, inevitably known as M3, was born and raised in South Africa and attended the local Rabbinical Academy, as well as the world-renowned Yeshiva of Kerem B’Yavne in Israel. He also obtained his BA in History and Criminology from the University of South Africa. 

Rabbi Morris served as a chaplain in the South African Defense Force for two years before he was called by the Chief Rabbi to be Administrator of the Kashrut Department of the Beth Din (Jewish Court) in South Africa. After six years in this position, he was invited to America to join the Orthodox Union as Rabbinic Coordinator. 

Over the past 33 years with the OU Kosher, Rabbi Morris has held various responsibilities, including Private Label Coordinator, Deputy Director of the West Coast Region in Los Angeles, Rabbinic Field Representative, coordinator for dairy producing companies, routing director, ombudsman, and conference coordinator. 

Known for his efficiency and goal-oriented work style, Rabbi Morris has enjoyed his career at the OU. He has traveled to numerous countries around the world and to 46 states. Rabbi Morris met his wife Chanie, who was working at the OU as an administrative assistant. They have three wonderful daughters and live on Long Island NY.