Rabbi Lenny Steinberg

Rabbinic Coordinator

Rabbi Lenny Steinberg’s journey in kosher certification began in 1985 while he was still a student at Yeshiva (seminary). His first job was at the Horowitz Margareten matzah bakery, supervising the matzah production run for the German Jewish community of Washington Heights, New York. From there, he moved on to overseeing kosher events in major New York City hotels.

In 1995, Rabbi Steinberg joined the OU Kosher team. His primary focus is on the Food Service industry, which includes restaurants, caterers, university kitchens, kosher departments in supermarkets, and any facility where food is prepared and served. These environments are intense, with each facility staffed by a resident mashgiach (kosher supervisor) who ensures kosher compliance from ingredient delivery and cooking to serving the customer. Rabbi Steinberg handles questions from mashgichim (kosher supervisors) and proprietors around the clock.

Additionally, Rabbi Steinberg is part of the New Company department, overseeing the certification process for all new food service companies. He also supervises Egyptian and Moroccan plants, and companies that process fruits and vegetables with potential insect infestation issues.

Working with food service and new companies, Rabbi Steinberg has to be very accessible. He recalled that one Saturday night while Hurricane Irene was raging outside the phone rang. The person at the other end wanted to open a restaurant under the OU. Rabbi Steinberg was incredulous, “On Saturday night during a hurricane you are applying for certification”? The client was convinced to call during business hours.

Rabbi Steinberg studied at Beth Medrash Govoha seminary in Lakewood, NJ and had rabbinic ordination in 1990. He resides in Brooklyn, NY.